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Widely used in construction, machinery, coal, chemical industry, railway vehicles, automotive industry, roads, Bridges, containers, sports facilities, agriculturalmachinery, petroleum machinery, prospecting machinery manufacturing industry.

  • S31603/316L Stainless steel seamless pipe
S31603/316L Stainless steel seamless pipe
The above is non-toxic stainless steel, or standard credit grade stainless steel.The easiest way to distinguish is: with a magnet at the bottom, the suction is 430, suction or weak magnetic 304.But 304 pot most of the outer layer of the pot has a 420 magnetic conductive layer, is magnetic, so the magnet detection is not accurate, the spoon back and forth end, sometimes will hold, because of the magnetic polishing produced.So the most accurate way is to suck the bottom, the most accurate detection or use N8 stainless steel potion

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Product Name:Stainless steel pipeStandard:ASTM,AISI,JIS,GB, DIN,EN
Length:2000mm, 2438mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm,12000mm, etcCertification:ISO, SGS,BV
Outer Diameter:8-2500mm, (3/8"-100")Technique:Cold Rolled Hot Rolled
Grade(ASTM UNS)304、304L、321、316、316L、317L、347H、309S、310S、904L、S32205、2507、254SMOS、32760、S31703、S31603、316Ti、S31635、S31254、N08926、2205、S32205、S31008、S30908、S32750、S32760、630etcPrice Term:CIF CFR FOB EX-WORK
Grade (EN)1.4301,1.4307,1.4541,1.4401,1.4404,1.4571,1.4438,1.4539,1.4547,1.4529,1.4410,1.4501,1.4462,1.4845,1.4542,,etcPayment TermsT/T  L/C and Western Union etc
Packaging & Delivery
in bundle,plastic bags,thin film,wooden pallet,standard seaworthy export packing or as customer demands
20ft GP:5898mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)   
24-26CBM40ft GP:12032mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)  
 54CBM40ft HC:12032mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2698mm(High)    68CBM


NO.1Silvery whiteHot rolled to specified thicknessDo not need to have a glossy surface use
NO.2DSilvery whiteAfter cold rolling, heat treatment and pickling are carried outGeneral material, deep material
NO.2BGloss is stronger than No.2DAfter No.2D treatment, the final light cold rolling is carried out through the polishing rollerThe general material
BAAs bright as a sixpenceNo standard, but usually a bright annealed surface with high reflectivity.Building materials, kitchen utensils
NO.3Rough lappingGrind with 100~200# (unit) strop tapeBuilding materials, kitchen utensils
NO.4Intermediate grindingPolished surface obtained by grinding with 150~180# strop abrasive tapeBuilding materials, kitchen utensils
NO.240Fine lappingGrinding with 240# strop abrasive tapekitchenware
NO.320Very fine grindingGrinding was carried out with 320# strop abrasive tapekitchenware
NO.400The luster is close to BAUse 400# polishing wheel to grindGeneral timber, building timber, kitchen appliances
HLHairline grindingSuitable particle material for hair stripe grinding (150~240#) with many grainsBuilding, construction material
NO.7It's close to mirror grindingUse a 600# rotary polishing wheel to grindFor art or decoration
NO.8Mirror ultrafinishThe mirror is ground with a polishing wheelReflector, for decoration



Carbon (C) : 1. Improve the deformation resistance and tensile strength of the blade;2. Enhance hardness and improve wear resistance. 
Cr (Cr) : 1. Enhance hardness, tensile strength and toughness;2. Anti-wear and corrosion. 
Cobalt (CO) : 1. Increase the hardness and strength so that it can withstand high temperature quenching;2. Used to enhance certain individual properties of other elements in more complex alloys. 
Copper (Cu) : 1. Enhance corrosion resistance;2. Enhance wear resistance. 
Manganese (Mn) : 1. Increase the quenchability, wear resistance and tensile strength;2.Removal of oxygen from molten metal by separate oxidation and separate vaporization;3. When added in large quantities, the hardness is enhanced, but the brittleness is improved. 
Molybdenum (Mo) : 1. Enhanced strength, hardness, quenchability and toughness;2. Improve machinability and corrosion resistance. 
Nickel (Ni) : 1. Enhance strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. 
Phosphorus (P) : Enhanced strength, machinability and hardness. 
2. When the concentration is too large, it is easy to crack 
Silicon (Si) : 1. enhanced ductility;2. Increase the tensile strength;3. Removal of oxygen from molten metal by separate oxidation and separate vaporization. 
Sulphur (S) : small amount used to improve machinability. 
Tungsten (W) : Increases strength, hardness and toughness. 
Vanadium (V) : Increases strength, hardness and seismic resistance.