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What are the factors of corrosion of stainless steel plate
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Release Date:2021-11-15

Stainless steel plate is a kind of corrosion products is not easy, unless it's some serious condition actually not impossible to achieve in any products from corrosion, if our stainless steel plate from corrosion may will affect the normal use of it, so in order to avoid this situation and we need to do some preventive measures, Let's first understand the factors of corrosion of stainless steel plate?

A) electrochemical corrosion

Stainless steel plate due to scratches caused by contact with carbon steel parts, and then the formation of galvanic cells with corrosive media, which will produce electrochemical corrosion. If the passivation effect of pickling is not good, the passivation film on the surface of the plate will be uneven or too thin, so it is easy to produce electrochemical corrosion, slag cutting, splashing and other rusting substances attached to the plate, and then form a galvanic cell with the corrosive medium, resulting in electrochemical corrosion. Pickling passivation cleaning is not clean, resulting in the remaining pickling passivation residual liquid and plate chemical corrosion products, and then the formation of electrochemical corrosion with the plate.

Chemical corrosion

Under certain conditions, many attached to the surface of the stainless steel plate oil, dust or acid, alkali, salt and other converted into corrosion medium, and some of the components in the plate chemical reaction, resulting in chemical corrosion and rust. Cleaning pickling passivation is not clean enough to cause residual liquid retention, which directly corroded the plate. The surface of the plate is scratched, which leads to the destruction of the passivation film, so that the protection ability of the plate is reduced, and it is easy to react with the chemical medium, chemical corrosion and rust.